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Financial Analysis and Control Tool (FACT) is a sophisticated reporting tool, custom designed and developed by Compuscope Systems Ltd. to meet the needs of a broad range of companies. Its primary function is to provide the user with an extensive range of reporting options, to allow detailed, precise, and timely examination of any aspect of the financial performance of an organization as captured in their General Ledger.

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null Automatic Data Extraction

Data from the general ledger is transferred automatically by FACT at scheduled intervals, based on a published schedule, throughout the day. This ensures that the data being viewed and reported is always current.

null Update Alerts

FACT also advises if new data has been received since the current session began, and allows you to choose whether to continue with the original data set, or change to the most up to date version.

null No Impact to Production Accounting

The data extraction process, FACTFinder, has minimal impact on the production accounting system, and writes to a dedicated FACT SQL Server database.

null Predefined and User Definable Report Layouts

Reports are generated using predefined layouts; for instance: Trial Balances, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Job Profit Reports, Equipment Cost Reports, General and Administrative Cost reports.

Multiple versions of similar layouts may be set up to produce data at varying levels of detail. These layouts can be used to report data using several predefined data arrangements, showing monthly and yearly totals; values for all periods; or values for all occurrence of any given attribute (company, division, business unit, department, etc.). In addition, through the use of ‘Custom Column’ formats, report layouts unique to the organization can be produced.

nullPowerful, Intuitive Data Selection

Data selection is intuitive and powerful, using attribute information within the accounting system to organize the data for filtering, ordering and pagination.

null Extensive Drilldown Capability

Extensive drilldown capability uses the same attribute organizational structure to provide unlimited ability to focus in on lower and lower levels of data.

null Installation Flexibility

FACT can operate as a standalone application, on a single server, or on multiple servers, depending on site configuration.